The Stones Project

Second chance program

Our second chance program was created for individuals and families that are on a fixed income such as disability, social security, veteran’s benefits, pension, retirement and etc. These are people that previously had an impeccable rental history but due to a sudden illness, retirement or physical ailment has experienced a drastic reduction in income.

When people are on a fixed income it can be next to impossible to save up enough money in order to pay their first month’s rent and a security deposit all at once. These people deserve a second chance. Hence the name of the program.

We have developed a program to remedy all of that. We will act as the individuals’ or families’ advocate and liaison. We become their payee (their check is issued to our organization) and we pay all of their monthly expenditures such as rent, utilities, insurance, and etc. After we’ve paid all of their monthly bills we issue them the remaining balance.

Thereby insuring their landlord and other creditors that they will be paid every month on time. It’s synonymous to acting as their co-signer. Our method of satisfying the deposit is to pay a mutually agreed upon additional amount each month until is it paid in full. (between landlord, client, and The Stones That the Builders Rejected