The Stones Program

The Overall Project

 Project Goals

The Stones That the Builders Rejected, Inc. uses a holistic approach seeking to maintain the safe environment that a homeless person lived in prior to becoming homeless; providing knowledge, resources and skills; therefore producing a self sustaining individual that will become productive within the community again.

 What makes this organization different is that the founder and vice president himself has been homeless and knows firsthand the perils and the challenges that prevent homeless people from sustaining a productive lifestyle even after they have been provided housing and employment.

Most shelters, transitional housing programs, and halfway houses merely address the surface issues and neglect the thought process that people acquire while living on the streets in order to cope with the daily challenges and the mental torment.

It’s a survival of the fittest mentality and a sense of desperation that permeates the entire mindset. So when a person obtains housing and employment and began to meet new and productive people they are so accustomed to people coming and going that they sabotage friendships and opportunities because they've become accustomed to everyone and everything being so elusive and temporary.

                We have developed a 24 course curriculum that addresses all of the bio, psycho, social issues that most homeless people and ex offenders are plagued with. This curriculum was developed from the things that worked for me and kept me straight. Please click on the classes link below to see the specific classes that we have implemented.


           When people are on the streets they don’t eat balanced nutritional meals on a daily basis and this malnourishment depletes the body and the brain of essential nutrients that allow us to function at our highest mental capacity. After I was admitted into a homeless program where they fed us three nutritionally balanced meals per day, it still took me approximately a month to be able to form a complete thought that would enable me to write a one page letter.

We have a full time nutritionist, certified personal trainer and yoga instructor on staff that creates full balanced meals, designs meditation routines, and exercise regiments that address the full spectrum of health and wellness. This along with our full spectrum spiritual approach enables us to assure a greater probability of success. These methods are tried tested and proven and I have lived them first hand. Statistics are fine and well but when it comes to real life experiential methods such as these there is no data available because they have never been implemented on a large scale and for those people that have found success using these methods their progress has never been tracked.



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