Our Vision


To restore hope and a confidence that a better life is possible.

The Stones will provide work rehabilitation for it's residents.

The Stones will provide life skills training for all of its residents by using a tailored program developed by The Stones.



The detailed plan to achieve these objectives is as follows:

Phase One:

We have spent the last 6 years building this organization. We have developed a 24 course curriculum that addresses the physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental issues that many homeless people face. I've gotten the licenses, the solicitation permits, the non profit status, the 501 (c) 3 federal tax exempt status, assembled a board, networking with other similar organizations,  and educated myself on the non profit world. (WHEW!!) That was phase one. Building the infrastructure.

Phase Two:

Acquire housing in a nice area  that will house at least 6 residents. Our first house we will acquire with a lease purchase option, therefore a portion of the monthly payments will go towards the purchase of the home.  DONE!!!

One of our unique concepts is not to place residents in an environment where they will have to fight even more negative elements such as drugs and alcohol. For those that are alcohol and drug addicted, it is vital that we remove them from the environment where that is more focused on such elements. 

For those that are alcohol and drug addicted, they will follow a more structured plan in which they will not be allowed to make any phone calls for the first 35 days while they are a resident of the Stones.  Their entire focus will be on recovery based curriculum, developing and implementing new living skills, physical health and nutrition and spirituality. They will not be able to leave the premises without staff supervision for 35 days. After 35 days they will be allowed to attend recovery meetings in the community with a staff escort.

Phase Three:

This is the work rehabilitation portion of the program.  Work rehab is designed to get them back into the workforce in our call center, internet marketing department, and community fundraising to provide job training create a resume, provide a recent work history, develop a good work ethic, and to pay for their stay in the program.  DONE!!!

We will also put a designated amount of money per week into savings for each resident for every week that they work. The amount will be determined according to the specific plan of the resident.  This money is to enable them to have some savings and to open a bank account.

We plan to acquire these houses from the owners, from our supporters and sustain them through donations, grants, and fund raising ventures. As we continue to build our financial reserves we will then purchase more houses.

Phase Four:
In phase four we will acquire a commercial building or build one (As funding allows) and put all of our programs under one roof. The commercial building will encompass the training center, the resource room for seeking employment, writing resumes and cover letters, the call center that will employ up to 30 residents, lodging for 30 people, vocational school, a cafeteria, meeting rooms for classes, seminars, workshops and and an exercise  area.

Our program will be constantly evolving as we see the needs of our clientele and our capital grows. Our goal is to be a full spectrum organization  that encompasses all of our residents' needs.