Classes at The Stones

Life Skills

All residents at The Stones will be expected to attend in-house 

2-hour classes three times per week. Some of the classes offered are:


         Building Credit

         Repairing Credit

         Home Buying vs. Renting

         Responsible Living

         Holding Ourselves Accountable

         Critical Thinking (projecting consequences and benefits)

         Addressing Fragmented Thinking

         Selective Listening

         Managing Your Mind, Your Money, and Your Time

         Goals and ambition

         Managing your emotions

         Empathy Exercises

         Communicating Effectively 

   Recognizing toxic relationships

  Thinking errors and tactics

    Emotional entanglements

   Conflict management

   Effective problem solving

   Analytical thinking

   Healthy eating habits

   Practical spirituality (Real life application)

   Time management

   Taking daily inventory of your life

   What principles do you live by? Cowardice? Consensus? or     Conscience?