The Stones Housing

Acquire housing in a nice area  that will house at least 6 residents. Our first house we will acquire with a lease purchase option, therefore a portion of the monthly payments will go towards the purchase of the home. 

One of our unique concepts is not to place residents in an environment where they will have to fight even more negative elements such as drugs and alcohol. For those that are alcohol and drug addicted, it is vital that we remove them from the environment where that is more focused on such elements.  

For those that are alcohol and drug addicted, they will follow a more structured plan in which they will not be allowed to make any phone calls for the first 35 days while they are a resident of the Stones.  Their entire focus will be on recovery based curriculum, developing and implementing new living skills, physical health and nutrition and spirituality. They will not be able to leave the premises without staff supervision for 35 days. After 35 days they will be allowed to attend recovery meetings in the community with a staff escort.