The Stones Project

Community Service Program

Court Ordered Community Service

All court ordered community service volunteers are required to submit proper documentation prior to being able to volunteer with The Stones That the Builders Rejected.
Those who have been charged with or plead guilty to one of any of the following offenses, including but not limited to Statutory Offenses (Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault, and Rape) will be dealt with on a case by case basis. We believe that all people have redemptive qualities.
Individuals charged with or having pleaded guilty to the following offenses can be approved on a case by case basis. These include but are not limited to: DWI, DUI, Drug Possession, Drug Sale Offenses, Violation of Probation, Burglary or Theft.
If you are approved then you must submit documentation from the Courts, a Lawyer, or Probation/Parole Officer that states your name, the specific offense and the required amount of hours to be served. This can be emailed, to, and make the subject "Community service".
You must have a validated timesheet from with The Stones That the Builders Rejected prior to volunteering. Schedule a time to come in and pick up a validated timesheet to track your hours. For the time sheet to be validated, you must set up a meeting with the program supervisor to receive a time card that is signed, dated, and stamped prior to your first day of volunteering.  
 Individuals who arrive without an appointment may have to wait or be asked to leave depending on staff availability. Hours volunteered prior to being  validated, signed, and dated timesheet WILL NOT be counted towards court ordered community service hours as they were not approved prior to volunteering by with The Stones That the Builders Rejected.
The approval process can take up to 3-4 days to be completed. We may not be able to accommodate volunteers needing to start immediately.