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By joining together people from all walks of life who are interested in redeeming the community, we believe that we are marrying together something that represents the bigger Kingdom of God...

leaders who actually move into the neighborhood,

indigenous leaders who already live there, and

neighbors who “move in” spiritually through prayer, encouragement and financial support.

Our primary objective is to rebuild, rehabilitate, and empower people into becoming tax paying, hard working citizens that contribute to their community. And to do this we need “A hand up, and not a hand out!”

Go out and encourage someone today! You may just be surprised to find out that you are encouraged because you encouraged someone else. We all need it… the Bible says to do it  in Hebrews 3:13 … and who knows, you might just make a difference in another person’s life!

God bless,



The Stones That the Builders Rejected is not a “church”, but an active, revolutionary new way of life. The name stems from the scripture Mark 12:10:

“The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.”

We are non-denominational and we believe that we are all merely vessels and none of us are immune from falling short. We are the people that the world counted out and said we would never amount to anything. We are not just talking about it, not just preaching it, but living it! In other words, making a difference in the lives we touch.We also don't claim or pretend to have a monopoly on religion. We welcome and embrace people of all faiths and believe whatever God or higher power you choose to serve is between you and your higher power.

We know that God meets you wherever you are and in whatever spiritual or mental condition you’re in. We have not arrived and we are all arriving. Jesus hung out with and dwelt with the lowly, the dejected, the sinners, the homeless. We treat all with equality, dignity and respect regardless of a persons nationality, sexual preference, gender, age, history and religion.

We all come from the gutter and are living, breathing, walking testimonies of the power of GOD!

We are educated and talented in various areas. But the best degree we have is in “Surrender 101″! And we are all at different stages of that too. We stay out of God’s way and let Him show up and show out!

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